Haiti Looking Forward – Part 2

From our excursion up the mountain to Kenscoff where my uncle owns a small plot of land, and the only chance I reallyView full post »

Haiti Looking Forward – Part 1

It’s been ten years for my eyes. The last time I was in Haiti, I had gone to relax and clear my head, and as usualView full post »


SUPER-SIZED Family Portraits: The Collettis | New York Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

Today is the wedding anniversary of my good friends Lisa and Michael–Happy Anniversary, guys! Lisa and I met whileView full post »


Emre | Newborn Portrait Photography | NYC

An absolutely adorable Indian-Turkish prince…View full post »

Never Forget.

Visited the 9/11 Memorial in NYC earlier this summer with friends, and it didn’t really hit me until I laterView full post »

Blessings in the Wipeouts

Woke up this morning saying to myself, “I want for nothing. I have everything I need.” I believed it, too,View full post »


Experience: First of Many Flights

Some will say they fell in love with photography the moment they first saw their image appear in the developer in theView full post »

Daris Wilson, founder of JCF Boot Camp | Portrait Photography | Jersey City, NJ

Daris Wilson is a former college football player and the creator/lead trainer of two women’s fitness programs, View full post »


Inspiration: Q.U.E.E.N.

Singer Janelle Monáe’s latest single Q.U.E.E.N featuring Erykah Badu is BAD and it’s “fonky.”View full post »


You Can Touch My Hair, Public Art Exhibit | Union Square, NYC

I first heard about the You Can Touch My Hair performance art exhibit/social experiment via Twitter earlier this weekView full post »

Virgin Mary in the Laundromat

An Open Thank You Letter to the Students at Girls Prep NYC

Dear Students of Ms. Chase’s Class: It was such an honor to be invited to speak to your class for Career Day.View full post »


The Forbes | Modern Family Portrait Photography | Downtown Jersey City, NJ

One of the tallest buildings in the West serves as a great backdrop for one of Jersey City’s most gorgeousView full post »

Inspiration: Mad Men

I recently photographed a couple of corporate head shots for Music and Strategy, a music service agency in NYC, andView full post »

The Forum | Chicago, IL

Honored to get a personal tour of Urban Juncture‘s latest project: the rehab of The Forum, formerly a performanceView full post »


In Memoriam: Carole Joy Butler

“Mommy Butler” was already an angel to everyone she loved. For me, she was also a friend and mentor.View full post »

Stopping by Park on a Snowy Afternoon

Lincoln Park after Nemo. (All iPhone takes) The woods are lovely, dark, and deep, But I have promises to keep, And milesView full post »

Hawai’i Holiday | Day Seven | Time to Say Aloha

Spent my last day shopping for souvenirs and preparing for the long journey back home so here some outtakes from theView full post »


Hawai’i Holiday | Day Six | New Year’s Eve 2012

Decided not to make any plans on the last day of the year, stayed open to suggestions, didn’t set any expectationsView full post »

Hawai’i Holiday | Day Five | Yesenia and Deep’s Wedding

Heard a priest once say that as an invited guest witnessing the exchange of vows between a couple on their wedding day,View full post »

Hawai’i Holiday | Day Four | Yesenia and Deep’s Mehndi and Sangeet Party

The multi-cultural wedding event officially began with the bride having her Mehndi decoration applied while the rest ofView full post »

Hawai’i Holiday | Day Three | Sunrise, Sunset Cruise

Woke up the third morning to a full moon setting outside our window. This began a new daily ritual of going out to theView full post »

Hawai’i Holiday | Day Two | Gone Surfing

I went to Hawai’i to attend a friend’s wedding. That’s the official reason. The primary goal for me,View full post »

Hawai’i Holiday | Day One | Destination: The North Shore, Oahu, HI

From the drive around the coast of Oahu until we reached the North Shore at sunset.  View full post »


Doing good feels good. | Help-Portrait | Staten Island, NY

I’m still coming down off being cloud-high from taking part in the special Help-Portrait event: free family photosView full post »

Kensico Dam Plaza

Family Portrait: The Pintos | Kensico Dam Plaza, Valhalla, NY | New York Portrait Photographer

This portrait session almost didn’t happen. Two days before Hurricane Sandy wreaked her havoc in the Northeast, IView full post »

Becca & Jondou: The Wedding Album

Wow, I’m absolutely blown away by this album! I could hardly contain my excitement when UPS delivered it because,View full post »

Portrait: Album

I was very pleased with how the wedding album turned out so I decided to try out a different album style using sampleView full post »

Downtown Chicago Skyline

Walkabout: Chicago, IL

Went to Chicago recently to help out a good friend recoup after major surgery so I didn’t do as much ‘View full post »